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Save The Mole Tarkov: A Step-by-Step Guide

“Escape from Tarkov” is a highly immersive and complex first-person shooter (FPS) that combines survival elements with a realistic military simulation. One of the many engaging Tarkovs in the game is “Save The Mole Tarkov.” This guide provides a step-by-step walkthrough to help you successfully complete this mission.

Introduction to Save The Mole Tarkov

In “Escape from Tarkov,” Tarkov are essential for gaining experience, unlocking new equipment, and progressing through the game’s storyline. “Save The Mole Tarkov” is a mission that involves rescuing an NPC (Non-Player Character) known as “The Mole.” This task requires a combination of stealth, combat skills, and strategic planning.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Accept the Tarkov

First, ensure that you have reached the required level to unlock the “Save The Mole Tarkov”. Typically, this mission becomes available after completing a series of prerequisite Tarkovs from a specific trader or faction leader in the game. Accept the Tarkov from the NPC who offers it and review the mission objectives.

Step 2: Prepare Your Gear

Before heading into the field, make sure you have the appropriate gear for the mission. Here are some recommended items:

  • Weapons: Choose a reliable, suppressed weapon for stealth kills. An assault rifle or submachine gun with a high rate of fire is ideal for close encounters.
  • Armor: Equip a high-tier armor vest and helmet to protect against enemy fire.
  • Medical Supplies: Bring plenty of medical supplies, including bandages, painkillers, and medkits.
  • Other Essentials: Consider bringing grenades for crowd control and a tactical rig for additional storage.

Step 3: Plan Your Route

The “Save The Mole Tarkov” will likely take place in one of the game’s many detailed and expansive maps. Familiarize yourself with the map layout and identify key locations, such as extraction points, potential enemy ambush spots, and areas where “The Mole” might be held captive.

Step 4: Infiltrate the Area

Once you spawn into the map, move cautiously towards the designated area where “The Mole” is located. Use cover and avoid open areas to reduce the risk of being spotted by enemy AI or other players. Utilize stealth tactics, such as crouching and walking slowly, to minimize noise.

Step 5: Eliminate Hostile Forces

As you approach the target location, you will likely encounter hostile forces guarding “The Mole.” Take out these enemies silently if possible to avoid alerting reinforcements. If a firefight is unavoidable, use grenades and cover to your advantage. Ensure that you clear the area thoroughly before proceeding.

Step 6: Locate and Rescue The Mole

Once the area is secure, search for “The Mole.” He may be held in a building, basement, or other secluded location. Interact with “The Mole” to initiate the rescue process. Be prepared for potential ambushes as enemy reinforcements might arrive once you’ve found him.

Step 7: Escort The Mole to Safety

With “The Mole” in tow, make your way to the designated extraction point. This part of the mission can be particularly challenging, as enemies will likely attempt to intercept you. Move cautiously, use cover, and engage enemies only when necessary. Keep an eye on “The Mole” to ensure he stays close and out of harm’s way.

Step 8: Extract Successfully

Reach the extraction point and secure the area. Once it’s clear, initiate the extraction process. Successfully extracting with “The Mole” will complete the mission. Ensure you have enough time to extract before the raid timer runs out.

Step 9: Complete the Tarkov

After extracting, return to the NPC who assigned the Tarkov to turn in your mission. You will receive rewards, such as experience points, in-game currency, and potentially unique items or equipment. Completing the “Save The Mole Tarkov” will also unlock further missions and storylines.

Tips for Success

  • Communication: If playing in a squad, maintain clear communication with your teammates. Coordinate your movements and tactics to efficiently handle enemy threats.
  • Resource Management: Monitor your ammunition, health, and supplies throughout the mission. Running out of resources at a critical moment can jeopardize the entire operation.
  • Adaptability: Be prepared to adapt your strategy based on the situation. If an area is heavily guarded, consider taking an alternative route or waiting for an opportune moment to strike.


“Save The Mole Tarkov” is a thrilling and challenging quest in “Escape from Tarkov” that tests your tactical skills, combat proficiency, and ability to think on your feet. By following this step-by-step guide, you can enhance your chances of successfully completing the mission and reaping the rewards. Remember to stay alert, plan your approach carefully, and execute your strategy with precision. Good luck, and happy raiding!



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